Do U Really Know What Woman Really Want???

1. Communication:angry_woman_with_phone

According market research, stresses the importance of healthy communication in a woman’s ability to feel romantic. “Women report that they feel more intimacy with a partner when they talk together just before making love,”.

Some author and sex therapist said that most women, in order to share or be open verbally with their partner, must feel safe. Hesitation may come from a fear of hurting a partner’s feelings, especially when the subject is as touchy-feelly as sex.

2. Respect:

respect womanIn today’s world of equal opportunity, women are working at high-powered jobs and display much self-confidence in the work place; even if that workplace is the home.

Women love a partner who is able to appreciate her strengths and attributes, and aren’t threatened by them. Dr. John Gray, writer of the Mars-Venus series of relationships manuals, points out those women need to be loved and cherished, before they can express love to another.

3. Romance:romance

Sexologist  theorizes that women typically view sex as pleasure-directed. “Simple acts like cuddling, kissing, and touching are sometimes the end in itself,” she explains.

Just as effective are traditional romantic gestures, such as a surprise dinner date; love notes taped to the fridge, or a sweet SMS that says her hubby is thinking of her in the middle of an important meeting.

4. Grooming:

tips-for-personal-groomingIf men are visual creatures, women tend to be more tactile, turned on by other sensual stimuli such as smell and touch. Women find most irresistible a man who smells clean and fresh, and who takes care of his physical appearance.

“Especially if she shares a bedroom with him! Clutter and poor hygiene are just not sexy,” says Gwen, 28, a model, who’s been married three years.