Just how many times have you wheedled your way into getting him to drive you to and fro on your shopping expeditions, and even outings with your friends? Well, most probably too many to count. Says administrative assistant Johnny, “My husband Bob is as used to waiting for me as I spend hours at the shopping mall that he comes to the shopping center armed with his newspapers and his own routine: first to the supermarket, then to the cafe to read each section slowly, word for word. lady driver

He even helps me with my shopping bags without a single word of complaint! Every year on Father’s day, I make it a point to celebrate with my patient husband by being his personal chauffeur for the day. Whether it is to an S-League soccer match, or making a trip to Japan for his favorite seafood, I make sure that I do the driving, so my hubby can just sit back, relax and enjoy his special day.”

Yes, if you’re one of those women who prefer to let your husbands do the bustling around, then it might be a good idea to take the wheel and give your husband the day off instead. Start asking your beloved what he wants to do the day before Father’s day and make it a point to be as accommodating and easygoing as possible, even if he just wants to relax at home and do nothing the whole day.