Intrauterine insemination is also known as IUI and it is a fertility treatment that one will opt for when they are not fertile. This is a process where a tube is inserted to the uterus and the sperm is washed inside it. A lot of people will know it as Artificial Insemination and it uses the same process and procedure as IUI.

Before one seeks all other infertility treatment, they should try out this method first as this is one of the most effective methods .  This infertility treatment is an assisted form of reproduction which will involve the medicinal assistance. It has proved to bring in the required results according to the survey that was conducted among patients seeking for treatments.

When is the IUI treatment applied ?
IUI is used when the sperm is low and/or not strong enough to be able to make the female pregnant. It is also used when the woman wants a sperm donor. It is also used when the cervical mucus is less than it is supposed to. This method is very effective and will be applied when the doctor has authorized it. This method has really assisted a lot of people especially those who have been considered to be medically infertile.
infertility treatment

How does the treatment work ?
This method is actually not very complicated. In fact in just a matter of minutes, it will be over. In order to boost the rates of success, the doctor will use a drug called Clomid. It is really effective and much applicable in this exercise and will give one the results that they will need. The female will need to know the day that they are ovulating so that this method will be completely successful. Once they have known the exact dates, it will be much easier to make the process to be a success. The lady will be given an ovulation kit that will assist them to know the exact time that they are ovulation and then the process will move according to plan.

Id you are not using a sperm donor, your partner will need to remove the sperm and will the doctor will store it according to the required temperature to keep the sperm active. It will then be transferred through a tiny tube to the uterus and within a few minutes, it will be over.

The process is painless but will be a bit uncomfortable. It could be carried out at the doctor’s office and will be done by the nurse or the doctor.

Is the treatment successful?
According to a review, the method has been successful and it is also boosted by the fertility drug.