Different Between Man and Woman ( Part 2)

Do U Know What Man Really Want???


spontaneityVariety stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain, maintaining the climate of romance, writes Professional Advisor.

So steer clear of routine. Full your husbands need for spontaneous, and unscheduled, sex by making love in the morning, instead of bedtime. Danger (of being late for work, for instance!) and novelty are two passion triggers that can be tripped very pleasantly by an unexpected roll in the hay.

Visual Stimulation (pretty things):14diviner_of_psychedelic_magic

Men like to look according to Dr. Fisher, with most psychologists agreeing that for men, the visual image triggers romantic passion.

Don’t neglect your physical appearance, and use your looks to your advantage. “I always wear nice lingerie under my business suits,” shares Amanda, 30, “and make sure my husband sees. He loves it!”

Other visual treats would involve making love with the lights on; or in soft candlelight, which will give you a very flattering – and sexy glow.

Letting him take the lead:

leaderBased on a study done by Dartmouth University, women who look men in the eye are perceived as sexier and more attractive. “When someone looks at us,” says study author Malia Mason, “it’s physiologically arousing.”

Try gazing at him over the dinner table…and once you’ve snagged his attention, rev him up even inure by telling him what you’d like to do next.

Learning What Please Him:

pleaseThis is actually very important to men, who tend to be goal- oriented when it comes to sex. Lou Paget writes, “Granted, most men find the act of pleasuring his partner a huge turn-on.”

So tell him what pleases you, and what doesn’t. Being verbal about what feels good gets the message across in a way that thrills both you, and your partner.