Bumwear DinoBumwear Dino

The outside is made from hand printed batik (printed in Bali), which has been made waterproof and breathable and leak- free. Inside, soft fleece keeps baby‘s skin dry by drawing pee into the absorbent insert placed inside the pocket of the diaper. Each insert consists of three layers of microfiber terry cloth that can absorb 10 times its weight in liquid. Inserts are also anti­allergenic and anti-bacterial. It can be adjusted to fit different sizes. The front panel can be folded down to reveal another row of snaps. Use this row to downsize the diaper for smaller babies.

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

Bummis Super Whisper WrapMade from a super resistant waterproof laminate sandwiched between two layers of soft polyester knit, this one’s made to last through rigorous washing. The outer fabric isn’t as soft as the others, but is slightly stretchy for a snug fit. The comfortable elasticised legs keeps the contents from leaking out. Use it over prefolds, velcroed or snap-closing diapers. Comes in four different sizes to fit babies 4kg to 18+kg.

Mommy’s Touch One Size Pocket Diapermommy touch

As it is one size fits all, you can use it to fit any children of different sizes. Two rows of snaps allow you to size the diaper to fit a newborn or a toddler. Adjust the depth of the crotch (or rise) by choosing the top or bottom row of snaps. Extender tabs are available separately to up-size the diaper even more. The outer layer is a polyurethane laminate while the inside is extremely soft micro fleece. The leg casings are elasticized and encased (there is stitching on both sides of the elastic) so that only soft micro fleece touches baby’s legs. It comes in 39 great colors from black to mint.

Bummis Cotton

Bummis cottonUse this as a diaper cover with a folded cloth nappy inside to absorb pee and poo or as a swim diaper. To use, place an insert or pre-fold on top of the cover, then baby on top of the insert and fasten. It fastens with velcro, making it a cinch when handling a wriggly baby. The velcro loop panel on the tummy area is wide, allowing a variety of fits. The inside mesh lining increases air flow and helps to hold the diaper in place. Not recommended for night time use or heavy wetters. Can be used as a swim diaper (without any inserts). Comes in fun, cheerful prints, from small to extra large.

Fuzzi BunFuzzi Bunz Bug

To use, place an insert (or more for longer periods like night time) into the pocket, then fasten around baby. The soft outer material acts as a moisture barrier keeping all wetness and messes inside, hence leaks are prevented. Made of polyester, it’s stain-free, so you don’t have laundry woes. The inside fleece which is in contact with baby’s skin draws moisture away from the baby’s bottom, into the insert. Comes in four sizes to fit 3kg to 16+kg babies/toddlers.