dating in usI have been all over the world and my male friends always say the same thing, ‘Dating women in the US is difficult’. Of course dating a woman from any country can be a challenge, but if you understand what makes American women unique, then it makes dating women in the US much easier.

First, and most importantly, American women want to be respected. Never forget this. Women in the US have fought long and hard for equality and they take it very seriously. They work hard, they own businesses, they make their own decisions and, in general, they will not tolerate a man who thinks he is better than they are.

American women sometimes seem to want it ‘both ways’, meaning that they want their dates to be progressive and traditional at the same time. For example, an American woman might become very angry if you order for her at a restaurant. To her, it means that you are controlling her. Yet, at the same time, she still might expect you to open the door for her or pull out her chair for her before she sits. Yes, it’s difficult to know how to act when dating women in the US. Many American guys have problems too. The best thing is just to remember the women in the US demand to be treated as equals but still enjoy some of the romantic gestures from the past. Good luck.