romantic_bedroom(1)If I had to describe my beloved husband, it would either be ‘geeky‘ or ‘animaniac‘, and I on the other hand, as being the complete opposite of that. An avid fan of Japanese animation and comics…especially sexy character, Chris (my hubby) has an extensive collection of costumes, action figures, various memorabilia and can spend hours on end watching his anime series, whilst I prefer to spend more of my time outdoors, being a dedicated triathalete, rock climber and nature enthusiast.

Different Worlds

Despite vastly different interests, Chris and I do in fact share plenty of common passions, such as sport, art, traveling and a wicked sense of humor. We get along great and he always jokes about me being the ultimate tree huger, whilst I often tease him about fantasizing over the grotesquely large bosomed, endless ‘chopstick legged’ animated female characters. At times, my husband would jokingly suggest that I dress up like one of his sexy Japanese chic idols, but I promptly dismiss it as idle banter.

We had already been married for almost three years, and although still very much in love, I would be lying if I said that things in the bedroom were as passionate or fiery as on our honeymoon in Paris. Sex was starting to become a rather mundane affair, and we both knew the usual drill: Get home from work, have dinner, have a bath and get into bed…. In short, there was no more excitement. The feeling that we had to have each other right there and then was not really there anymore.